24 November 2013



 boy and girl LITTLE LIGHTS on the way...

rice paper LITTLE LIGHTS on the way...

baby boy paper TSURU MOBILE on the way...

at Galeria Abraço A PAPER HUG :: open door workshop, for more information, please contact fpr@filipapaisrodrigues.com

19 November 2013

PAPER HUG :: open door workshop ABRAÇO DE PAPEL :: atelier de portas abertas

 2 PAPER HUGS to São Paulo!

 It was such a nice pleasure to give these 2 CALINS EN PAPIER... merci pour votre visite!
my first stamped PAPER HUG!

15 November 2013

PAPER HUG :: open door workshop ABRAÇO DE PAPEL :: atelier de portas abertas, ANOTHER GREAT DAY!!

Day 15 : What a day, filled with PAPER HUG'S!!
thank you, my Brazilian neighbor, loved to meet you

 It was a pleasure to give you a PAPER HUG on your BIRTHDAY, Agnes, thank you!
 Paper Hug, day 15 :: It's a kind of magic to receive an email from a Client, like this...
"For my wife and me it was very pleasant and it will become an intensive reminder to our visit in Lisboa.
Best greetings of  Agnes and Winfried Hautermann
— in Lisbon.

 It's always nicer to have helpful company ;)

A happy worker!

13 November 2013

Another of those challenges that I love!! Mais um daqueles desafios que eu adoro!!

A friend of mine brought me to the Gallery, this delicious little house so I can play ... choose the paper, the patterns, decorate and rave about this tenderness ... can't wait to get started and I imagine it will be irresistible! hope so!
Of course while it waits for time and inspiration, I couldn't resist giving it a point light with one of my favorite little lights.

Uma aamiga minha trouxe-me para a Galeria, esta deliciosa casinha para eu poder brincar... forrar, decorar e delirar com esta ternura... não vejo a hora de começar e imagino que venha a ficar irresistível! hope so!
Claro que enquanto aguarda tempo e inspiração, não resisti dar-lhe um ponto de luz com uma das minhas little lights favoritas...

12 November 2013


Monday to saturday from 10am to 7pm
BY APPOINTMENT, please call +351 96 61 95 738 : +351 21 888 43 10 
De segunda a sábado das 10h às 19h
POR MARCAÇÃO, contacte +351 96 61 95 738 : +351 21 888 43 10 
Rua do Poço do Borratém, 39 ( ao fundo da Rua da Madalena, junto à Praça da Figueira) 1100-408 Lisboa
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